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We’re in this together.

Reisman Carolla Gran & Zuba champions the rights of children and adults with disabilities and their families. We are your allies.

We provide dedicated, trusted counsel to our clients.

With over 100 years of combined legal experience and degrees from the nation’s most distinguished schools, the Reisman Carolla Gran & Zuba LLP team delivers professional representation with small-firm custom touches. Our mission is to provide you with representation that combines the impact and professionalism of a larger firm with the compassion and value that come with the personal attention of a smaller one.


We are a team of experienced attorneys who represent our clients with passion and understanding. While we practice in numerous jurisdictions all over the country, we are a true local firm of reliable special education attorneys with offices in Haddonfield, New Jersey. We have made a name advocating for the legal rights of both adults and children with disabilities by combining professional, hands-on courtroom expertise with personal, real-life experience as teachers to special education students and relatives to loved ones with disabilities.

Practice Areas

Special Education

Our special education attorneys can provide guidance and consultation regarding the rights of your child, requirements for the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and legal options when parents cannot come to an agreement with a school district in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

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Guardianship and Alternatives

We will discuss guardianship and other alternatives, such as powers of attorney and living wills, and help you decide which is the most supportive option for your family.

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Estate Planning and Administration

Our team of experienced estate planning attorneys can help you ensure that your loved ones are cared for, your assets are protected and your future finances are secure.

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Appellate Litigation

We are frequently called on to handle critical appeals, defending a client’s victory or correcting errors made in trial courts. We are proud to work on our own or cooperatively with other counsel to reach the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Disability Rights

We represent people with disabilities seeking access, support, equity and inclusion in their communities throughout the lifespan. Our attorneys have been at the forefront of integration and opportunity litigation nationwide.

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